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Recovery coming home

At the heart of any addiction is the fear of stressful emotional states. This is often why addicts and alcoholics will compulsively seek to escape from any form of emotional turmoil. When you’re in recovery, working through an addiction that’s encouraged a lifetime of this kind of escapism, developing a greater acceptance of life’s challenges will seem difficult. However, by taking it one day (and step) at a time, you can learn new habits that will lead to living a healthy, happy life. The “Recovery Coming Home” eBook is a practical guide to assist you through this daily process, regardless of your unique recovery plan.

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Recovery Coming Home - Addiction Support Guide

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Recovery Coming Home - Easy reading support guide

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Grigor Stewart is a highly experienced television executive who has also been through the Recovery process himself. Now, sober for 6 years and an avid rehabilitation speaker Grigor has documented his personal experience to share with recovering alcoholics and addicts. Access the tools and first-hand advice you will need as you start your journey towards freeing yourself of everything (and anything) that doesn’t support your recovery. Whether you’re in recovery from addiction yourself or trying to find a way to improve the well-being of a loved one, this e-guide can help you.

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I help newcomers to recover from addiction and alcoholism by providing them with a free, 52 point recovery plan. I also distribute free to government subsidised facilities. I am available to assist them on the recovery process via phone and zoom. The single biggest reason for relapse is no support between leaving rehab and starting their recovery meetings. This is the critical window prior to starting their own 12 step recovery programme. I do not charge for this.

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